February 24, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast

As a part of its ongoing testing, TransEd has been simulating emergency situations that could occur along the Valley Line Southeast.

On February 16, 2023, TransEd and Emergency Services simulated contact between a train and a cyclist. This exercise was an opportunity for TransEd to practice it’s incident response processes during an emergency and interface with first responders from the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Department, and EMS.

The exercise involved roughly 30 TransEd staff and over 25 emergency services personnel. For the live simulation, one of the new, low-floor, Valley Line trains was staged in the middle of the 75 St. & 51 Ave. intersection. During the simulated emergency, TransEd initiated it’s internal incident response processes which involved interfacing with Emergency Services and coordinating teams internally to respond to the incident.

The key takeaway for the day was the importance of following the incident response protocol and being flexible while working with first responders, to smartly tweak processes depending on specific real-time situations. Emergency Services also found the exercise to be of value. They recognized that TransEd, the operator of the Valley Line for the next 30 years, has processes that are slightly different from the existing  emergency response processes for the  Capital and Metro LRT lines. The exercise launched a new partnership between TransEd and Emergency Services with the shared goal of maintaining public safety while interacting with Edmonton’s LRT.  

Other simulations previously completed included rider evacuations from trains on the elevated guideway, Tawatinâ Bridge, and within the tunnel. TransEd is preparing for the opening of the Valley Line Southeast LRT by ensuring that  staff are well trained and equipped to handle various situations, in collaboration with emergency services personnel. TransEd is looking forward to continuing to practice emergency preparedness periodically, to ensure the team is ready to smoothly & safely handle emergency scenarios. TransEd’s priority is always to ensure passenger and public safety. 


Drivers will soon be able to travel east on 102 Ave in downtown Edmonton. The single vehicle lane runs alongside the Valley Line Southeast LRT tracks, dedicated bike lanes, and spacious sidewalks for pedestrians. There are new traffic signs including  “no right turn on red” and “no left turn” signs at many intersections along this road. Obey traffic signs and signals while driving and pay attention to other road users. Train testing is underway. When you see tracks, expect a train!

Let’s keep each other safe while driving, cycling, and walking along the 13km Valley Line Southeast route.


TransEd has partnered with the City of Edmonton on a safety outreach program which aims to educate the public on how to safely interact with the new Valley Line Southeast LRT.

Recent outreach has included schools and senior’s homes where we have delivered safety presentations and distributed safety literature to ensure that Edmontonians are comfortable and confident interacting with the new low-floor LRT system.  

Our safety ambassadors have enjoyed speaking about the features of the train, stop platform safety, road traffic signs and the importance of only crossing the tracks at a signalized crosswalk. Questions have been encouraged from all participants and the overall response from the schools and senior homes has been constructive and positive.

If your community group is interested in having one of our safety ambassadors come and present, please reach out to us via email info@transedlrt.ca

Through community outreach, educational videos, and printed brochures and pamphlets, TransEd and the City of Edmonton hope to ensure that all Edmontonians and visitors to the city are ready to interact with the Valley Line Southeast LRT, once it opens.

To check out the online safety resources visit the TransEd and City websites.  



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