Valley Line Southeast Features


Valley Line Southeast LRT Capital / Metro Line LRT
Quieter, do not have crossing arms, fences, gates or bells Have crossing arms, fences, gates and bells
Train stops are about the same height as a normal curb-and-sidewalk Stops are higher than a normal curb-and-sidewalk
Step-free boarding for persons with wheelchairs, mobility devices and strollers Ramp/Step-boarding for persons with wheelchairs, mobility devices and strollers
Primarily in-road operation; trains move similar to any other car on the road Primarily exclusive right-of-way on streets and corridors
Trains travel at the posted speed limit when in traffic Trains do not travel with traffic
Smaller, heated, residential stops (similar to an Edmonton bus stop) Larger, heated train stations
Train stops are closer to each other Train stations are further apart


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