Work Safely with TransEd


Work Safely with TransEd

A Quick Guide for Businesses and Stakeholders Working Close to the Valley Line Southeast LRT Tracks

TransEd is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment by ensuring its employees, (sub)contractors and the general public are well aware of the do’s and don’ts along the alignment.

Through the Work Safely with TransEd digital manual, we intend to provide you with information that can guide you in conducting your maintenance work safely near the Valley Line Southeast tracks, give you a clear understanding of TransEd’s maintenance work processes, and how you can align to it.

TransEd looks forward to building strong working relationships with all of the businesses who conduct maintenance and repair activities along the Valley Line.


What are some of the safety hazards you can expect near the Valley Line Tracks?

Moving trains: The Valley Line Southeast trains have their own dedicated lane on the road. They move with traffic like any other vehicle and travel at posted community speeds. However, to remain in a position of safety when trains are moving, you or any equipment you are using must be at least 1.75 meters away from the nearest rail.

Electricity: The Valley Line Southeast trains are powered using an Overhead Catenary System (OCS) which supplies the light rail vehicles with 750-volt DC electric power. The electrical wires run above the train and are visible to the naked eye. Always assume they carry current at all times and practice extreme caution when working on or about the OCS to avoid potential electric shock or electrocution. When working in the vicinity of the wires, ensure that you and your equipment remain 3 meters clear from the Overhead Catenary System.

Any activity that will be conducted next to the tracks, stops, station or the Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility will require a Permit to Work (PTW). This permit is extremely critical to protect our employees or yours from any incident.


Click HERE to read the full Work Safely with TransEd digital manual. 


Apply for Work 

If you are working in the areas around the Valley Line LRT, you will need to get a work permit, fill it out, and submit the form online. The work permit needs to be submitted for our Planner to schedule your work in the TransEd Overall Maintenance Activities Plan, so that the work can be conducted smoothly for all parties involved.

The submitted form will help TransEd O&M Planner understand if your work needs track possession (within 1.75 m of the tracks or 3 m of the OCS) or not (outside 1.75 m of tracks and 3 m of OCS).


Click to start submitting your form. 

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