Tree Removal, 66 Street (Between 28 Avenue and Whitemud Drive)


Update: This work will continue throughout September and October.

This work will continue until end of July

May 12, 2021– Starting on or about May 19, 2021, TransEd will remove approximately 75 trees along the west boulevard of 66 Street, from 28 Avenue to 42 Avenue. This work will occur intermittently from mid-May to the end of June. Work will occur during daytime hours (7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

All trees will be removed by a professional arborist. These trees were left in place for as long as possible but need to be removed to accommodate the installation of a new Shared Used Pathway (SUP). The SUP will provide a new route for cyclists, pedestrians, and persons with mobility devices that is separated from traffic on the roadway. It will provide increased safety for Edmontonians using the new SUP for recreation, fitness, or transportation purposes.

TransEd will be planting approximately 260 new trees and approximately 6,700 new shrubs in the west boulevard once the shared use pathway has been installed. New trees and shrubs are also being added in the center median and east boulevards of 66 street. Please refer to the illustration below for more information.

With respect to tree removal:
• TransEd is committed to removing as few trees as possible.
• TransEd is aware of the residences in the area and will reduce noise as best possible.
• All trees will be removed by a professional arborist.

You can read more about our tree removal policies on our website:

During this time please watch for, and follow, all traffic detours and direction of construction personnel.

We ask for your understanding and patience as construction progresses.

For the most current, up-to-date information in your area, please visit

Please refer to the attached map for more details. For more information, visit our website or contact us via email at or by phone 780-224-0964.

Illustration of typical new landscaping, new SUP, and minimized existing tree removal

Illustration of a typical shared use path (SUP) in Edmonton.
Source: Shared Pathways, City of Edmonton

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