The Process: Davies Station Wood Roof Finishing

The wood roof at Davies Station, the only elevated stop of the 13-kilometre Valley Line Southeast, is being installed. The Station’s wood roof will be comprised of 15,498 pieces of timber.

The material for the roof was procured by City Lumber, shipped to the Coronet Road mechanic shop (that was modified into a controlled paint shop) and then painted by United Supreme. All are Edmonton-based businesses.

The wood finishing process starts with laying the timber out in the paint shop to dry prior to preparation and coating. The timber is prepared with minor sanding and buffing, a moisture content measurement is taken to ensure the timber does not exceed the moisture content specified. Once that is complete, the wood is then coated on three sides and left to cure while another set of timber is prepped and buffed.

After 24 hours, the wood is flipped, and the final side is coated. The staining process is then repeated for the second coat. Once complete, the lumber is bundled and delivered to Davies Station for installation by the trained TransEd crews. The curing process takes 48 hours to complete the required two coats.

Davies Station will have a 1,300-parking stall Park & Ride. Valley Line Southeast will be open to the public as early as possible in 2021.

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