New Update from TransEd CEO, Ronald Joncas; Pier Repairs Near Completion

TransEd CEO, Ronald Joncas, addressed the media on December 20, 2022, to update Edmontonians on the pier repair progress. Ronald was happy to announce that the pier repairs have exceeded 94%, and Edmontonians will soon see trains being tested on the elevated guideway tracks. He thanked the 100+ dedicated men and women who have worked on the repairs safely since the cracks were discovered in the summer.

In his previous update, Ronald had mentioned that the solution had been finalized and three methods of pier repair were identified and implemented. As of early last week, all of the concrete diaphragms had been poured and all of the external steel beams had been secured around the piers. Ronald was excited to announce that the pier repairs are almost complete and the next steps including system wide testing and system demonstration will start in January; bringing the project one step closer to service commencement.

Ronald reiterated that it is safe to walk and drive beneath the elevated tracks. He also wanted to stress that trains are testing on street-level tracks and pedestrian jaywalking, especially in downtown, is unsafe and a dangerous behaviour. He also reminded Edmontonians that when they see tracks, they should expect a train.

Watch his full statement here:

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