National Engineering Month 2017

March is National Engineering Month. This is when we celebrate engineering excellence, not just Canada-wide but here at TransEd as well. Engineers help create our community and can be expanded into different disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, and more. On the TransEd Valley Line project, we have many engineers who are working together to create a safe and efficient LRT system that will connect Edmontonians. We’re proud of our amazing, hard-working team. This month, we’re featuring an engineer who oversees the civil work. Meet Colin.



What’s your name and title?

Colin Hill, Deputy Project Director – Civil

What’s your role on the TransEd project?

I am responsible for executing the ‘civil scopes of work’ on project including, roadworks, underground utilities, rail, stops, stations, maintenance facility, Tawatinâ Bridge, Whitemud Bridge, the elevated guideway, and tunnel.

What’s your engineering specialty and how did you choose it?

I am a Civil Engineer with a minor in Environmental Engineering. When I was younger I always wanted to drive a forklift on a construction project. During my summers at university I had the opportunity to work on a major bridge project in Calgary as a field engineer, and had the opportunity to drive the project zoom boom on night shift. I was hooked immediately and knew I had found my passion for working with large teams to help build infrastructure that adds to our community.

Take us through a day in the life of you on this project.

I spend the majority of my days connecting with the team, which has me spending a lot of time in meetings. The most significant part of my role is working with the incredibly talented people and builders on project. I am continually inspired by the level of talent in our organization and the different and unique ways that our teams tackle and overcome problems. Construction is a dynamic industry and no two days are the same. What gets me out of bed every day, excited to come to work, is that I get to work on a challenging project with people that I love to work with. And for those that know me, no good work day is complete without a cold can of Coke.

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