February 3, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast

As you drive along the Valley Line Southeast LRT, keep an eye out for new traffic signs.  Many intersections have “no right on red” signs.  Obeying these signs will prevent collisions between vehicles and trains. Train testing is ongoing day and night.  When you see tracks, expect a train!


Scaffolding is starting to come down around piers in Wagner Park near Davies Station revealing the added concrete diaphragms and steel beams.


Automated Wheel Lubrication: Last week the automated wheel lubrication system on the train was tested.  The automated system uses real time GPS locations to dispense small amounts of environmentally friendly lubrication where needed.  Lubrication helps to reduce noise and wear on the train wheels and the steel tracks.  The lubrication is applied primarily at curved tracks like those seen here at the intersection of 85 Street and 95 Avenue.


Noise and Vibration: Noise and vibration monitoring and testing has been occurring at various locations adjacent to the Valley Line Southeast LRT tracks.  Tests occurred last week near 75 Street and Roper Road as well as inside the Winspear Center and Citadel Theatre.  Did you know that the concrete tracks adjacent to the Winspear and the Citadel are supported on hundreds of springs to help dampen noise and vibration?  Don’t worry, you won’t feel the tracks move.  For more on rider comfort, keep reading.


Ride Quality: We even test at night. We recently completed extensive ride quality testing along the entire 13km of tracks.  Technicians connected sensitive measuring devices inside a train to measure things like swaying and vibrations to ensure users of the Valley Line Southeast LRT have a smooth and enjoyable ride while the train moves at full speed.  You can see some of the test equipment and wires connected to numerous locations onboard the moving train in the above photos.


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