Construction Activities in 2017

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EDMONTON – May 31, 2017 – This is a very active construction year for the Valley Line LRT. Work is progressing on roadway improvements needed to accommodate the train tracks all along the alignment, construction of the tunnels near Jasper Avenue and 95 Street, and on the construction of Tawatinâ Bridge (pronounced da-WAH-tin-now) in the river valley.

As with every construction site, the public is cautioned to use care near worksites. For the safety of workers and the public, access to construction sites by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited. Please obey all signs and directions of construction crew members.

Here are some highlights:

  • Millwoods (66 Street)
    • Noise walls are being installed along 66 Street. The walls east of the road will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. And the west side noise walls will complete in October 2017.
    • 66 Street construction for third party utility, paving and track work which will continue until 2020. Lane shifts and evening work expected.
    • Third-party pipeline work on west side of 66 Street at 29 Avenue, 31 Avenue and 41 Avenue will be ongoing throughout the year.
  • Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance Facility (75 Street and 51 Avenue)
    • Construction of the building is underway. The foundation is currently being constructed. The building structure and roofing are also expected to be constructed this year.
  • Whitemud Drive to Argyll Road
    • On 75 Street, waterlines, install elevated guideway foundations, and complete LRT road construction. Work will continue until the end of the year.
    • Caisson installation for the Whitemud bridge is underway.
  • Argyll Road to Muttart Conservatory
    • 83 Street will have permanent single lane closures between Argyll Road and Whyte Avenue, with work anticipated for late-June 2017 for
      • third party utility work
      • new drainage
      • new sidewalks
      • re-paving of roads
    • Major roadwork in the area will continue throughout summer and over the next two years
    • Bonnie Doon traffic circle will be transformed into a 4-way intersection
    • A new retaining wall is being built for the stabilization of the Connors Road Hill
    • The short connector road between Connors Hill and Muttart Stop will be permanently closed.
  • North Saskatchewan River Valley (NSRV) and Tunnel

Louise McKinney Park

  • Trail closure and alternate route signs are in place, and new signs have been installed to indicate where trails come to a dead end.
  • The coffer cells are in place at the north end of Tawatinâ Bridge alignment and work is underway to construct the piers that will support the Bridge.
  • An access road will be constructed in 2018 to allow emergency and maintenance vehicles to access the Bridge and Tunnel when the line is operational. Some preparatory work is being done this year to install water lines and fire hydrants.
  • Work has begun on caissons on Grierson Hill to prepare for the breakthrough of the tunnels next year. This will take about six – eight weeks.

Henrietta Muir Edwards Park

  • Construction continues on the piers that will support the elevated guideway that links Tawatinâ Bridge and Muttart Stop. The guideway will go over 98 Avenue. After the piers are built, sections of the guideway will be lifted into place.

Tunnel Portal on 102 Avenue/Jasper Avenue

  • Work continues on both the outbound and inbound tunnels. Mass excavation in both tunnels should be completed the second quarter of 2018.
  • Downtown

Summer festivals that use Sir Winston Churchill Square as their venue will continue to do so this year. Construction on 102 Avenue near, and on, the Square will begin in August.

Noise, Vibration and Overnight Work

Overnight work may be required this year in sections along the alignment. Before that occurs, TransEd must be granted a permit exempting it from City of Edmonton Bylaw C14600. Residents in the affected areas will be notified before overnight work begins.

While noise and vibration are unavoidable in any construction project, TransEd is committed to minimizing noise and vibration impacts along the corridor during construction and operations. Please read the Noise and Vibration Fact Sheet, located on for more information.

More information and site maps are available at or call the TransEd Information Booth at 780-224-0964.

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