April 7, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast and Take a Ride with Us

TransEd continues to test trains along the Valley Line Southeast LRT and is in its “System Demonstration” phase. During this phase, Edmontonians will notice multiple trains from Mill Woods to Downtown. This testing phase mimics the future schedule. For example, more trains operate during peak hours and fewer during off-peak hours.

With the frequency of trains on tracks increasing, we want to show Edmontonians what’s in store for them through our Video Blog series: Take a Ride with TransEd. Here is the second video in our weekly series which will show you the sights you can see and places you can go when the LRT line opens.

Also, Edmontonians should be aware of their surroundings with more trains on the tracks. Motorists, must always adhere to traffic signals and ensure you follow “NO RIGHT ON RED” signs. Pedestrians, ensure you only cross the tracks using designated crosswalks and follow the pedestrian signals to remain safe.

We hope everyone enjoys this virtual trip on our train. We can’t wait to welcome you on board when the line opens.

Now, let’s hop on the Valley Line Southeast LRT and take a ride.  

Click here to see the video.

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