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  • A public-private partnership, or P3, is a partnership between governments and the private sector to build public infrastructure like roads, hospitals or schools, or to deliver services. 

  • The new Valley Line Southeast will be operational and accessible to the public in summer 2022. While TransEd has made progress across the entirety of the alignment, it has not been without unexpected challenges. For example, the previously reported unknown concrete mass in the North Saskatchewan River. As a result of these encounters, service commencement is trending late. 

    The City of Edmonton and TransEd are currently working to accelerate works. TransEd and the City are working together to fulfill the project agreement, and are in active discussions to find solutions to improve the construction schedule

  • With respect to property values, it is important to recognize that many different factors come into play. Studies to demonstrate a direct relationship between public transit and property values have not been specifically carried out in Edmonton. However, there is extensive research in other jurisdictions that suggest that convenient access to Light Rail Transit (LRT) has significant appeal and that in general, proximity to light rail (even before a planned line is built) has a positive effect on property values. This observation was a key factor in an independent report prepared in 2010 by the national research group The Real Estate Investment Network entitled “The Edmonton Transportation Effect”

  • TransEd is very interested in hiring and working with local individuals, suppliers and sub-contractors. To partner with on the project, please visit the Join Our Team page for more information.

  • The first stage of the Valley Line LRT, from Mill Woods Transit Centre to Downtown, will comprise of 11 at-grade level stops and Davies Station (where the Park & Ride is located). See the locations of these stops, stations and various amenities you will have access to on the Neighborhoods page.

  • Information regarding the second stage of the Valley Line project can be found on the City of Edmonton website. 

  • The City is overseeing the entire Valley Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) project which is a 27 km low-floor, urban line that will operate between Mill Woods in Southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in west Edmonton. The project is being built in 2 stages; Valley Line Southeast and Valley Line West. Visit the City of Edmonton website for more information.

  • Yes, the Valley Line Southeast is one of two stages for the entire Valley Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) project that is to operate between Mill Woods in Southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in West Edmonton. The Churchill Connector stop in Downtown Edmonton will also connect riders to existing LRT routes; Capital Line and Metro Line.

  • Yes, 1,300 park and ride parking stalls are located at Davies on 75 Street and Wagner Road. Davies station is also the only elevated (above-ground) station on the Valley Line Southeast project.

  • The Valley Line Southeast routes, times and delays will be fully integrated with the Edmonton Transit Service mobile app. Visit the Edmonton Transit Service website for more information.

  • The Valley Line Southeast is unlike any other Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Edmonton, it features new, low-floor, urban-styled trains that will flow with vehicle traffic at designated speed limits. These new, very quiet, trains will also provide improved pedestrian-friendly access at street level stops. In residential and commercial areas, embedded tracks will be integrated to the established design of the area. View more information here. 

  • In some areas our crews work throughout the night, we understand that this might cause temporary disruption to the residents or businesses located in those areas. Crews occasionally work at night mainly to avoid causing traffic and pedestrian disturbances during the day with road closures. TransEd approaches construction along the Valley Line Southeast project with great care and regard for the amount of noise and vibration caused by construction activities. While noise and vibration are unavoidable in any construction project, TransEd is committed to minimizing noise and vibration impacts along the corridor during construction and operations. If you have any concerns about noise or vibration, please call 780-224-0964.

  • Construction completion dates vary and might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. For updates on construction in your neighborhood, please visit our news page, text/call us on 780-224-0964 or email 

  • Visit Edmonton Transit Service website for more information on fares regarding the new Valley Line Southeast.

  • Yes, the Valley Line Southeast trains are wheelchair accessible. The low-floor trains are at-street/curb level making them more accessible to persons with wheelchairs, mobility devices or strollers. 

  • The City of Edmonton engaged thousands of Edmontonians who played a vital role in shaping the overall project. For more information, visit the City of Edmonton website. 

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