Energization of Overhead Wires on the Valley Line Southeast LRT

EDMONTON, AB – July 9, 2021 – Starting on or about Monday, July 12th, 2021, the overhead wires for the Valley Line Southeast LRT along 66 Street between Whitemud Drive and 41 Avenue, and along 75 Street between Roper Road and Whitemud Drive, will be permanently energized. Energization of this segment means that Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) testing will be occurring, intermittently, in this area.  Testing is already underway to the south (along 66 Street from 28 Avenue to 41 Avenue). 

As construction progresses, the overhead wires are gradually being energized in each area of the 13-kilometre alignment beginning in Mill Woods and ending in Downtown. 

For your safety, overhead wires should always be considered energized when strung from power pole to power pole.           


  • Coming into contact with live overhead wires can lead to serious injury or death. Please be aware of your surroundings. Keep all high reaching devices such as ladders, drones, and remote-controlled planes away from the overhead wires.
  • Use designated pedestrian walkways and only cross the tracks at designated crossings.
  • Always follow the direction of construction personnel and flaggers.
  • Always follow traffic and pedestrian signs and

Thank you for your understanding and patience as the project progresses.
For the most current, up-to-date information in your area, please visit https://transedlrt.ca/advisories/.

Please refer to the attached map for more details. For more information, visit our website transedlrt.ca or contact us via email at info@transedlrt.ca or by phone 780-224-0964.

TransEd reached a major milestone on Thursday, September 10 with the connection of the gap between the north and south banks of the Tawatinâ bridge over the North Saskatchewan River.
Over approximately three hours, crews poured concrete to close the remaining one-metre gap that fully connected the 13-kilometre Valley Line Southeast alignment from Mill Woods to Downtown Edmonton.

“As the lead designer and engineer of record, Arup has worked collaboratively with TransEd and American Bridge to come a step closer to realizing this multi-modal and cost-effective design that will be an asset to the local community. The bridge spans across the North Saskatchewan river in a beautiful natural valley in the heart of the City.” – Matt Carter, Arup Americas Bridge Skills Leader.

With the bridge deck connected, crews will now begin installing the two sets of tracks and the Overhead Catenary System (OCS) that will power the new, low-floor trains. Six OCS poles will be installed on the bridge.

Construction of the steel Shared Use Path (SUP) suspended underneath the bridge will also begin. This eight-metre wide path will run through the opening between the two sides of the concrete support tower and is designed to support an array of Edmontonians: pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, and wheelchair users.

Lighting features will be also built and installed up and down the tower.

Crews installed the seventh and final set of cable stays on the bridge in August.

SECOND UPDATE: on the evening of Friday, September 15, 2017, there will be an intersection changeover at 66 Street and 28 Avenue.  Work will begin at 9:00 P.M. and continue until approximately 6:00 A.M.  A noise permit has been obtained. Motorists traveling in the area can expect delays and police traffic control during this time.

FIRST UPDATE: on Thursday, August 31, 2017, there will be traffic rerouting at the 34 Avenue and 66 Street intersection. Traffic will be pushed to the west and north sides of the intersection. This will take place in the evening.

EDMONTON, AB – August 3, 2017 – Starting on or about August 10, 2017,  66 Street will be partially closed from south of 28 Avenue to Whitemud Drive to allow painting of lanes on the new street. Motorists will also be unable to access parts of 28 Avenue, 34 Avenue, and 38 Avenue at this time. These closures will only be happening in evening and night hours for a short period  of time.

To accommodate this work, the public will be impacted in the following areas:

  • 66 Street will be partially closed from south of 28 Avenue to Whitemud Drive.
  • 28 Avenue will be closed from Lakewood Drive to Youville Drive.
  • 34 Avenue will be closed from 71 Street to 58 Street.
  • 38 Avenue will be closed from Millbourne Road to 62 Street.
  • These closures will be happening one at a time so motorists will still have access.
  • Please visit https://www.edmonton.ca/ets/general-service-alerts.aspx for all ETS changes and updates
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained

Alternate Routes:

  • To avoid any potential delays, motorists can use 91 Street or 50 Street as alternate routes.

There will be noise associated with the work. TransEd is committed to following all City of Edmonton bylaws and regulations, and has obtained an overnight roadwork permit so that work can take place during nighttime hours in order to minimize major daytime traffic disruptions. (City of Edmonton Bylaw C14600).


Vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic disruptions will vary by location. During this time please watch for, and observe, all traffic detours and direction of construction personnel. We appreciate your patience as we build the Valley Line LRT.

Please refer to the attached map for more details. For more information, visit our website https://transedlrt.ca/advisories or contact us via email at info@transedlrt.ca or by phone 780-224-0964.

EDMONTON – December 19, 2016 – TransEd, with its contractor American Bridge, began removal of the Cloverdale Footbridge today, with the first ‘lift’ of a section of the bridge.

The bridge will be removed in nine lifts and will take several days to complete and is dependent on weather. As each section is lifted, it will be placed in a designated area, to be disassembled and disposed of properly.

“This activity is key to the construction of the Valley Line LRT,” said TransEd Project Director Larry Melton. “We have spent the past months planning and preparing for this, which enables the start of construction on the new Tawatinâ Bridge.”

In preparation for both the Footbridge’s removal and the construction of Tawatinâ Bridge, two berms were constructed in the North Saskatchewan River. The berms hold the 300-ton cranes that will first remove the Footbridge, and then second, construct the new bridge.

“We know that some Edmontonians are sad to see the removal of the Cloverdale Footbridge, but we want to assure them that the new Tawatinâ Bridge will provide the same connectivity between downtown and the river valley, through the multi-use path that runs under the rail deck,” commented Mr. Melton.

As each section is lifted, it is placed in the construction area, on a tarped space to prevent soil contamination. Visco Demolition Contractors Ltd. are responsible for receiving the demolished sections and will process all non-painted steel. Alta Steel Mills will process all painted steel, and will then recycle all metal components. Both Visco Demolition and Alta Steel are Edmonton-based companies.

“Our commitment is that 90% of waste is diverted from landfills and recycled,” said Mr. Melton. “TransEd is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the impact of construction as much as possible.”

Work on the bridge and surrounding area in the River Valley will take place up to seven days/week, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays.

TransEd reminds the public that this is challenging work, so it is important to stay a safe distance from the construction site.

“For your own safety, please obey all signs and the directions of construction personnel,” said Mr. Melton.

The Tawatinâ Bridge will be completed in 2019, and Valley Line LRT services begins in December, 2020.  For more information about the Valley Line LRT, please visit www.transedlrt.ca.



TransEd Partners is composed of Bechtel, EllisDon, Bombardier, and Fengate Capital Management Ltd., together with the added expertise of Arup Canada, IBI Group, and Associated Engineering — each world leading experts in design, engineering, construction, transportation solutions, project management and finance.

In a public-private partnership (P3) with the City of Edmonton, TransEd Partners is responsible to design and build stage one of the Valley Line LRT, and operate and maintain the line for 30 years.


Click here to see our Winter 2016/2017 Construction Schedule.

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Jasper Avenue near 95 St. is now open for all lanes. Thank you for your patience while work was being completed in this area.

The Cloverdale Footbridge and connecting trails are now closed for Valley Line LRT construction. Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to use alternate routes as suggested on site signs or in the map here.


On May 30, 2016 the Capilano Boat Launch will be unavailable to the public between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. so we can remove a barge from the North Saskatchewan River that was previously launched to conduct geotechnical investigations. For more information, please read the full notice.

Preparatory work in advance of construction has begun on the 13.1-kilometre southeast leg of the Valley Line LRT. As a part of this work, a barge was launched from the Capilano Boat Launch and taken to the water area near Louise McKinney Park to conduct geotechnical investigations.
On May 30th, 2016, the barge will be removed from the North Saskatchewan River via the Capilano Boat Launch. The launch will be unavailable for public use between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. For your safety, please stay away from the boat launch during these hours.

For questions or comments about this story, please contact us.

TransEd is conducting investigative and preparatory work for the new Tawatinâ Bridge construction in the North Saskatchewan River. Equipment on a barge will undertake geotechnical testing to understand construction conditions. The duration of the work is approximately 9 – 10 days. River navigation is not impacted by this work.

Edmontonians take pride and place high value on the city’s urban forest. Trees add lush, green beauty and wildlife to the city’s landscape, particularly in the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Trees also provide environmental and economic benefits by reducing air and noise pollution, as well as energy bills.With this understanding TransEd Partners approaches construction in the North Saskatchewan River Valley with great care and regard for both the area and the protective measures put in place by the City of Edmonton.

TransEd is committed to removing as few trees as possible in building the Valley Line LRT. In fact, the designated construction area in the River Valley is smaller than what was initially approved by the City for the project. Both parties have assessed each tree affected and TransEd has compensated the City for each tree to be removed.

Removal will be done with great care to reduce impact on wildlife in the River Valley and its trees. Wildlife, bird and nest surveys will be conducted prior to any springtime cutting and trees will not be cut during the heart of bird nesting season so as to not disrupt breeding migratory birds.

An important part of this River Valley project is a full landscaping plan that will include new plantings. TransEd Partners is working to ensure the benefits and beauty of Edmonton’s urban forest continue into the future.

On or around April 18th, 2016, in support of the construction of the new Tawatina Bridge, construction of an access road, site preparation and removal of some facilities in the proximity of the River Valley trails in Louise McKinney Park and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park will take place.

To accommodate this work, the public may be impacted in the following areas:
• South trail of Louise McKinney Park, running past the River Valley Adventure Co.; parallel to the North Saskatchewan River, to the north entrance/exit of the Cloverdale Foot Bridge, and up the path leading to the Chinese Garden.
• Several staircases in Louise McKinney Park will be closed.
• The south access to the Cloverdale Bridge from 98th Avenue will be maintained at all times.
• As a part of this work a number of trees will be removed from Louise McKinney Park and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park.
• Traffic and pedestrian disruptions may vary, dependent on location.
• There will be noise associated with the work.

The work will take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety, trails will remain closed until approximately June 6, 2016. Further closures will be forthcoming and will be shared as the project continues.

For your safety, please stay away from the closed areas during construction.


Temporary trail closures and detours


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View notice and map as a pdf:

Trail Closure -LMcK and HME parks

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