Stop Platform Construction

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June 25, 2020 – In the next three months, TransEd crews will begin to install platform for the stops on the Valley Line Southeast alignment. This work will include all elements of the stop platforms (steel, electrical, curtain wall, roof and public art installation) with the exception of glass panels, which will be installed at a later date.  Some work will be completed overnight (9:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.) so that active traffic lanes can be shut down for the safety of workers and the public. See below for approximate dates and locations.  Updates on specific stops will be made available one week before work commences.

Bonnie Doon Stop

  • 83 Street, south of 82 Avenue
  • June 24 – September 16

Strathearn Stop

  • 95 Avenue, 89 Street to 87 Street
  • July 7 – September 29

Grey Nuns Stop

  • 66 Street, north of 31 Avenue
  • July 13 – October 5

Millbourne/Woodvale Stop

  • 66 Street, north of 38 Ave
  • July 21 – October 13

Mill Woods Stop

  • 28 Avenue, Hewes Way
  • July 24 – October 16

Holyrood Stop

  • 85 Street, 92 Avenue to 93 Avenue
  • August 4 – October 27

Avonmore Stop

  • 83 Street, 71 Avenue to 76 Street
  • August 24 – November 6

There will be noise associated with the work. TransEd is committed to following all City of Edmonton bylaws and regulation and has obtained an overnight roadwork permit so that work can take place during nighttime hours in order to minimize major daytime traffic disruptions. (City of Edmonton Bylaw C14600).

Vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic disruptions will vary throughout the evening. During this time please watch for, and observe, all traffic detours and direction of construction personnel and Edmonton police. We appreciate your patience as we build the Valley Line LRT.

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