March 24, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast

TransEd continues to test trains along the Valley Line Southeast and is in its “System Demonstration” phase. During this phase, Edmontonians will notice multiple trains running along the tracks from Mill Woods to Downtown. The System Demonstration phase will test every aspect of the Valley Line and ensure all the requirements are met. It will also give Edmontonians a chance to get familiar with how the trains move through their communities and understand how to interact with it as motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

During this end-to-end testing phase, the Valley Line will mimic future service levels, ie. the trains will travel on different frequencies, for example, more trains during peak travel times and fewer during off-peak hours.

Here is an Infographic that shows the roadmap to progress and to the opening of the Valley Line Southeast LRT.


With more trains out on the tracks, it is important for all drivers and pedestrians to follow the traffic signs and signals. Never rush to beat a train and never stop on the tracks. When you see tracks, expect a train. 

In the past few weeks, TransEd train drivers have seen increasing number of near-misses and collisions due to motorists not following the NO RIGHT TURN ON RED traffic signals and signs. The Valley Line is a new style of LRT system without crossing arms, gates or bells at intersections.  It is important for all road users to ensure they adhere to the rules of the road.

All collisions are being fully investigated. The cost of repairing the trains is covered by insurance, typically the at-fault insured. Taxpayers are not on the hook for the cost of the repairs.

Here is a picture of a car that took an illegal turn colliding with the train.

*No injuries occurred.


The scaffolding around some the piers is being removed. The structural repairs were completed a few months ago. The final look of the piers is still being discussed with the City and scaffolding may be required again in the future so that crews can complete any aesthetic modifications.

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