March 10, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast

TransEd continues to test trains along the Valley Line Southeast and has reached its “warm-up” phase. During this phase, Edmontonians will notice more trains running along the tracks from Mill Woods to Downtown. The “warm-up” will help drivers and pedestrians become more accustomed to how the Valley Line trains move along the line before TransEd moves into the System Demonstration phase of testing. 

System Demonstration is end-to-end testing of the complete LRT system. During this time, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists may notice single and coupled trains on the tracks with the trains mimicking different frequencies, for example, more trains during peak travel times and fewer during off-peak hours. System Demonstration is expected to start later this month.

With more trains out on the tracks, it is important for all drivers and pedestrians to follow the traffic signs and signals. Never rush to beat a train and never stop on the tracks. When you see tracks, expect a train. 

Here is an infographic that shows the roadmap to progress and to the opening of the Valley Line Southeast LRT.


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Tests are being conducted from Mill Woods to Downtown during the "warm-up" period. Trains may be seen crossing the Tawatinâ Bridge over the North Saskatchewan River as train testing increases.

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