January 20, 2023: Follow the Latest Updates on the Valley Line Southeast

As an update on the Valley Line Southeast LRT on December 20, 2022, TransEd announced that over 94% of the structural repair work on the piers was complete. Early in the new year, Edmontonians could also see the trains running over the elevated guideways. The current update on the Valley Line Southeast LRT includes ongoing and new minor pier repair work, and test case scenarios.

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We remain focused on opening the Valley Line Southeast LRT as soon as possible.  The final pier repair work is ongoing and does not impact line-wide train movements or commissioning. This final work includes the concrete surface finishing and clean-up that we outlined on December 21.


Recently we began implementing a change requested by our engineers. Over the next 2-3 weeks, we will complete the installation of minor steel reinforcement they requested on ten previously unrepaired piers. The reinforcement is being installed in the same manner as we described in our video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMh-yd7-gRA&feature=youtu.be. The added reinforcement is to ensure the elevated tracks can support larger trains in the future, if necessary, and in the most severe weather conditions. Similar additional minor reinforcement is also being added to seven previously repaired piers. The Valley Line Southeast LRT has been designed for a 100yr life and we want to make sure it is robust to support the needs of Edmonton as we grow. As of January 20, 2023 the addition of minor steel reinforcement is over 50% complete.


The work on the piers is just below the surface of the ground in some cases, which means you may see workers digging near some piers.  The scaffolding we recently began installing also gives our crews safe access and heated enclosures to complete concrete surface finishing which is the last step in sealing cracks that we began last fall. In early January we removed scaffolding from piers near Wagner Road and 98 Avenue.  This was to allow lanes to re-open for drivers.  You can expect scaffolding to stay in place where it does not affect traffic for the final concrete surface finishing.


Scaffolding may also remain where it is needed to finish the final aesthetic work. The aesthetics are being discussed with our partners at the City and we will share those details as soon as we can.


Train testing and commissioning line wide continues every day.  In December, our engineers confirmed trains can resume operations on the elevated tracks and ever since we have been completing various scenario tests at locations along the entire 13km of track and in the Gerry Wright Operations and Maintenance facility.  Scenarios include emergency evacuations, power failures, and other equipment breakdowns.


We will continue to share regular updates with you on the progress being made in completing the tests via our social media channels, website, and newsletter. We understand that not announcing an opening date yet may cause frustration to some Edmontonians who have waited many years for the Valley Line Southeast to open.  We are confident that when the line opens Edmontonians will be proud of the investment the City made in transforming how Edmontonians move and get around our City.


TransEd is continuing with line-wide testing and as a part of that TransEd conducted scenario testing, which required simulating various emergency situations that could happen on the line when it opens. TransEd completed over 40 test cases and scenarios in December and early January. The test cases help confirm TransEd’s readiness and understanding of the appropriate procedures and safety standards.


Here is a snapshot of the scenario testing.

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