Trees and construction in the River Valley

Edmontonians take pride and place high value on the city’s urban forest. Trees add lush, green beauty and wildlife to the city’s landscape, particularly in the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Trees also provide environmental and economic benefits by reducing air and noise pollution, as well as energy bills.With this understanding TransEd Partners approaches construction in the North Saskatchewan River Valley with great care and regard for both the area and the protective measures put in place by the City of Edmonton.

TransEd is committed to removing as few trees as possible in building the Valley Line LRT. In fact, the designated construction area in the River Valley is smaller than what was initially approved by the City for the project. Both parties have assessed each tree affected and TransEd has compensated the City for each tree to be removed.

Removal will be done with great care to reduce impact on wildlife in the River Valley and its trees. Wildlife, bird and nest surveys will be conducted prior to any springtime cutting and trees will not be cut during the heart of bird nesting season so as to not disrupt breeding migratory birds.

An important part of this River Valley project is a full landscaping plan that will include new plantings. TransEd Partners is working to ensure the benefits and beauty of Edmonton’s urban forest continue into the future.

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