Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Valley Line have an effect on residential property values along the alignment?

With respect to property values, it is important to recognize that many different factors come into play. Studies to demonstrate a direct relationship between LRT and property values have not been specifically carried out in Edmonton. However, there is extensive research in other jurisdictions that suggests that convenient access to LRT has significant appeal and that in general, proximity to light rail (even before a planned line is built) has a positive effect on property values. This observation was a key factor in an independent report prepared in 2010 by the national research group The Real Estate Investment Network entitled “The Edmonton Transportation Effect”

I want to work as a vendor, sub-contractor or employee of the project. Who can I contact?

See the Join Our Team page for current vendor, sub-contractor and employment opportunities with TransEd Partners and the Valley Line LRT project.

When will the Tawatinâ Bridge open?

The pedestrian portion of the structure will be approximately the same height as the former Cloverdale Footbridge. A concrete cycling track will run down the middle, flanked by wood slat pedways on both sides, echoing the feel of the former bridge. The bridge will also include lookout decks.

How many stops will there be on the Valley Line LRT and where are they located?

The first stage of the Valley Line LRT, from Mill Woods Transit Centre to Churchill Station, will comprise  11 ground level stops and Davies Station. See the locations of these stops and stations here.

When will construction on the second stage of the line (downtown to west Edmonton) begin?

At this time Edmonton City Council has not approved a schedule for the second leg of the Valley Line LRT west, from downtown. TransEd Partners has  been contracted to design, build, operate and maintain stage one only, between Mill Woods and downtown.

When will this stage of the Valley Line LRT be operational?

This stage of the Valley Line LRT is scheduled to be operational in December of 2020.

How can I share feedback or concerns about construction activities and/or workers (contractor parking inconveniences, dust, noise, etc.)?

We value your comments and concerns about the Valley Line LRT project. Please use the Inquiry Form to contact us, and we will respond within two business days.

When will construction of the LRT be in my neighbourhood and how will it affect me?

As the Valley Line LRT project progresses, we will post up-to-date notifications about construction, traffic disruptions and more, that may affect you and your neighbourhood. Visit our news page frequently for current information.