Safety Signs and Features Along The Valley Line Southeast

If you are a pedestrian walking near one of the Valley Line LRT stops and station, or a vehicle user driving along the area, you will find these safety signs and features. We want all Edmontonians to learn how to safely interact with the new LRT as it will go along with the traffic. The stops and station have safety signs for you to follow.
Please make sure you follow these signs for your safety and for the safety of others.
The trains are very quiet, and you might not hear them when approaching. For your safety, only cross the train tracks at marked crosswalks.
Each stop has an emergency phone line that connects you to the ETS Control Centre. The ETS Control Centre staff will then provide or connect you to the resources you need.
There are bumpy yellow warning strips at each stop. The strips are there to keep you safe. Make sure you stay behind the line when waiting for the train to arrive at the stop.
Along the LRT route and at the stops, you will notice the wires above the tracks. These wires carry electricity and coming into contact with the live wires can lead to serious injury or death. Please keep high reaching objects/devices away from the overhead wires.
These concrete landscaping headers can be found along the Valley Line Southeast . They are not sidewalks and should not be used to walk along the streets. Always use designated pedestrian crosswalks to safely cross the street or tracks.

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