Passenger & Public Safety

Safety Messages

28 April 2023

Welcome to the Valley Line Southeast LRT, an exciting new transportation option coming soon to the city! As TransEd is testing trains along the Valley Line Southeast LRT and mimicking the future schedule, we want to remind you of some important safety measures to keep in mind while travelling around the LRT.

Safety Reminder for Summer Festival Season

1 August 2022

The Summer festival season is upon us and Edmontonians are looking forward to attending the various events that will be happening around the city.

Safety Signs and Features Along The Valley Line Southeast

14 July 2022

If you are a pedestrian walking near one of the Valley Line LRT stops and station, or a vehicle user driving along the area, you will find these safety signs and features.

Safety Videos

19 February 2022

Want to learn more about the Valley Line Southeast LRT? Take a look at our TransEd safety videos.

Pedestrian Audible Signals along the Valley Line Southeast LRT

3 February 2022

Accessibility is a key element of the Valley Line Southeast! All pedestrian crossings along the Valley Line Southeast have countdown timers and optional audible pedestrian signals.

Train Testing Safety Messages

29 April 2021

The Valley Line Southeast low-floor trains are now testing along the 13-kilometer LRT alignment from Mill Woods to Downtown.

DANGER: Overhead Wires Are Live

2 January 2020

Testing of the trains has commenced on the Valley Line Southeast alignment; overhead wires are electrified.

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