Cameron Avenue at 94 Street – Lilac Removal Update

This area is the main maintenance and emergency access route from Cameron Avenue to both Tawatinâ Bridge and the Tunnel portal. The existing three paths are being reconfigured into two paths; one of which will be wide enough to accommodate vehicles, including the potential for emergency vehicles.

In the image below, the new path connecting to Cameron Avenue is suitable for large vehicles to make an almost 180 degree turn to drive down the emergency access road to reach the Tunnel portal. The direct access to the Tunnel portal is a life safety system required by code. The lilac bush on Cameron Avenue had to be removed to accommodate both the installation of a hydrant, and the future construction of the access route.

The south path is essentially the river valley trail connection to Cameron Ave, similar to what exists today.

Construction for summer 2017 will see crews install fire water protection line from the new hydrant/TEE connection at the existing waterline under Cameron Ave to another hydrant close to the tunnel portal. This will be followed by access road construction will be completed spring/ summer 2018.

When all construction is completed in 2020, thousands of species of shrubs, plants and trees will have been planted all along the alignment.

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