95 Avenue Temporary Full Closure – Effective April 28, 2019

Strathearn is open for business during construction!

See the attached document for information about the closure, ETS bus stops, shuttle service, and a detailed access map.

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95 Avenue Temporary Full Closure

As part of construction for the Valley Line LRT, 95 Avenue will be temporarily closed from 85 Street to Connors Road for major work activities. This closure will last from April 28, 2019 to the end of November 2019.

Vehicle Traffic

During this closure, 95 Avenue from Connors Road to 92 Street will remain open to eastbound traffic only.

TransEd intends to re-open westbound traffic from 85 Street to 87 Street at the end of July.

92 Street will have two lanes open for north and southbound traffic.

87 Street will be open to north and southbound traffic, however, only one lane will remain open and motorists must yield to oncoming traffic

Bus Service

From April 28 until approximately late November, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) will be required to detour routes 322 and 112 off 95 Avenue between 85 Street and 92 Street.  During this closure, all bus stops on 95 Avenue from 85 Street -92 Street will be temporarily closed.  Bus Stop #2841 outside of Central Baptist Manor and bus stop #2382 for Route 112 (Connors Road and 95 Avenue westbound) will also be temporarily closed.

TransEd will provide free shuttle service from 6am – 7pm seven days a week from Montgomery Place to the intersection of 85 Street and 95 Avenue where passengers can board Route 112 for travel to Capilano Mall or downtown, and Route 322 to Bonnie Doon Mall.  There will also be TransEd teams on-site at the intersection to assist passengers making connections to these routes.

TransEd will have five shuttles stop which will be located at

9415 92 Street

9518 90 Street

9538 87 Street

9518 86 Street

8423 95 Avenue

Passengers can also take the Route 322 bus from bus stop #2382 on the east side of Connors Road at 95 Avenue, which will take passengers to the same intersection as the free shuttles to catch the Route 112 bus.  Passengers can also use bus top #20666 (94 Street and Connors Road southbound) for Route 8 buses which provide travel to Bonnie Doon Mall.

Bus Stop #2908 on 85 Street and 95 Avenue (northbound) and Bus Stop #2466 on 85 Street and 95 Avenue (southbound) will remain open.

Pedestrian Traffic

Sidewalks along the south side on 95 Avenue will remain open during construction. TransEd may need to shift access to the north side from time-to-time but notice will be provided in advance of these changes.

Pedestrians will be able to cross 95 Avenue at 85 Street, 87 Street, 89 Street, 90 Street, and 92 Street. The crosswalks at 90 Street and 89 Street may vary in location (for example, 90 Street crossing may be at 91 Street for a period). Notice will be given before sidewalks move.

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