Louise McKinney & Henrietta Muir Edwards Park trail disruptions begin April 18

Before construction on the 13.1-kilometre southeast leg of the Valley Line LRT can begin this spring, TransEd Partners must conduct preparatory work that will affect trails around Louise McKinney Park and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park.

On or around April 18th, 2016, in support of the construction of the new Tawatina Bridge, construction of an access road, site preparation and removal of some facilities in the proximity of the River Valley trails in Louise McKinney Park and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park will take place.

To accommodate this work, the public may be impacted in the following areas:

• South trail of Louise McKinney Park, running past the River Valley Adventure Co.; parallel to the North Saskatchewan River, to the north entrance/exit of the Cloverdale Foot Bridge, and up the path leading to the Chinese Garden.
• Several staircases in Louise McKinney Park will be closed.
• The south access to the Cloverdale Bridge from 98th Avenue will be maintained at all times.
• As a part of this work a number of trees will be removed from Louise McKinney Park and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park.
• Traffic and pedestrian disruptions may vary, dependent on location.
• There will be noise associated with the work.

The work will take place between 7 a.m. to 7.pm.

To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety, trails will remain closed until approximately June 6, 2016.

For your safety, please stay away from the closed areas during construction.

Trail closure map
Trail closure map

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Trail Closure -LMcK and HME parks