102 Ave to the Jasper Ave intersection disruptions begin April 18

Before construction on the 13.1-kilometre southeast leg of the Valley Line LRT can begin this spring, TransEd must conduct investigative and preparatory work that may disrupt vehicle and pedestrian traffic on 102 Ave to the Jasper Ave intersection.Starting on or around April 18, 2016 geotechnical works will take place in the River Valley and the future tunnel portal area. The work will include testing small-diameter boreholes in order to assess ground conditions along the LRT alignment.

This work will take place between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. It is expected to be completed by May 22, 2016. Each site will be restored to its original condition after the work is completed.

Geotechnical testing to take place on 102 Avenue to the Jasper Avenue intersection.

  • Three test locations will be on the sidewalk on 102 Avenue. Pedestrians will not be impeded and the work area will be barricaded. Flag persons will be on hand if needed.
  • Two locations will be on the road, using temporary lane closures (barricades). Flag persons will be on hand if needed.

For drivers looking to avoid the work on 102 Avenue, we recommended taking Jasper Avenue, or take 95 Street north of Jasper Avenue to 103 Avenue.

Areas of geotechnical work
Areas of geotechnical work
Alternate driving routes
Alternate driving routes

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Traffic Disruption Notification- April 11 – Final